Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Spring Stories

Naloni: 'I may look sad... but I'm actually...

... super happy - the sweater is wonderful.'


So launches (can you hear the sparkling grape/champagne bottles popping?) a blog for Vintage Stories, wherein shoppers share the ways they use items from our Etsy shop(s).  And a place for us to connect with you - yippie!

Ms. Naloni ordered this classic white turtleneck from us last year, then shared these pictures of herself. Based in New York City, Naloni has won 4.00 off any Vintage Stories or Minty's (our 'sister' shop) item for sending these pretty pics!  Sounds like she lives near Columbia University. We have dreamy memories of bussing through old, ivy-covered brick buildings to visit a friend in that neighborhood, years ago.  And, Nal, if you could teleport yourself to So. Cal. for modeling duty, there'd be ice cream, too - just saying. In the grand scheme, V. Stories may be a small shop, but we've always had what we think of as 'Barnum & Bailey' dreams.

Then there's Fiona, in San Francisco. Beautiful name, that.  Amazing city.  And a super-cute pic of a spin on a fairy tale, Fiona's '...own version of a Snow White outfit for Halloween.Our creative 'Frisco gal wins 3.00 off anything we have up for grabs for sharing her use of our late-'70s dotted navy shirt. If she hadn't covered her face, we swear, there'd be some Ben & J, as well...

 Vintage Stories is also about music. I was one of the first female 'new wave/alt' djs, along with writing about music since high school, writing & playing it. We're talking obsession here, folks - the most recent being our re-fixation on 1930s-'40s swing, when players created a vibrant merging of 'country', stomp & jazz.  Here's one of our faves:

Ahh... wonder if any guy that we'd be excited about would ever take us to tea (but hide us from the millionaires who'd like to steal us away).  Maybe too amazing a fantasy to even contemplate.  But surely Stephanie would be invited.  The Ottawan newlywed recently shared pics of her wedding outfit, which she paired with a vintage orange, Italian-made sweater from our shop.

Beautiful Canadian wedding shot!








Steph matched our cardi to her bouquet (or vice-versa) - ooh!

 I'm happy to announce to Steph that she's earned 5.00 off anything we have up for legal tender, in either shop.  By the way, links to those are:

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm closing with a pic of my mom and dad when he was at Annapolis.  Antiquing with my family - over hill and dale, through sun & rain, played a part in my vintage obsession. So this rather messy 1st post is dedicated to you, Betty & Sandy.  

Love (with a prayer to the blog gods, for answers to some of the wacky formatting above),